Sometimes, round-trip tickets are better deals

On some airlines, mostly large ones, round-trip tickets are a better overall deal. A recent example on a big airline for travel from Los Angeles to Denver found round-trips for $277 and one-way fares for $133. In this case, the one-way fare costs more than half of the round-trip total.

Sometimes, one-way tickets are better deals

On the smaller, discount airlines, one-way fares are often exactly half the total of round-trip fares. Fly one way or the other, doesn’t matter; you pay the same per mile.

More ways to save

Watch out for change fees: After you purchase any ticket – one-way or round-trip – making changes such as moving travel dates around will mean paying an expensive change fee (of up to $200 on domestic flights). There are two exceptions: All airlines are required to allow changes within 24 hours at no charge, and Southwest remains the sole U.S. carrier with no change fee.

Buy fares for cheaper days: Cut costs on every kind of ticket by flying cheaper days. On domestic flights, cheaper days are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays. On international flights, weekdays are typically cheaper than weekends.

Final thought: No matter how you choose to fly, the more flexible you are, the better deals you’ll find. Safe travels.